Phojo is a daily photo journal, made to help you remember your days and reflect on your life.

The idea is simple. Each day, post a photo that will remind you of that day.

Over time, you'll build up a personal gallery of your days, an invaluable resource for reflection. Do you like the way your life looks? Can you spot patterns? Too much or too little of something?

Journaling made easy

Many have started to write a journal, but stop when it starts to feel like a chore. And few ever take the time to read their own journals, so they sit unused, their potential for self-reflection lost.

Phojo is different. Submitting a photo is quick and simple. Scrolling through your photos is easy and enjoyable.

And don't worry if you miss a few days; backfilling missed days is easy.

Trigger your memories

The human brain is amazing at storing memories. But to recall them, we need some kind of trigger. Your memories are not indexed by day and made available for you to recall on demand.

Except, of course, if you use Phojo, in which case you will be able to do just that.

A practice of mindfulness

Phojo will get you in the habit of asking yourself, "What was today all about?" – a habit that will make you more mindful of your days. This added awareness is a powerful mental tool as anyone who keeps a gratitude journal will recognize.

Speaking of gratitude journals, why not make Phojo your visual gratitude journal? It is your Phojo after all; fill it with whatever you like!

Not another photo gallery

"But I already have all my photos in Google/Apple Photos. Why would I need Phojo?"

A core idea of Phojo is that each day is given the same amount of space. That means that an exciting day mountain climbing is given the same space as a day spent at the office. Your Phojo is meant to be an honest reflection of your life, or else it won't be a useful tool for self reflection.

In contrast, your normal photo library will have lots of photos from that mountain climbing trip while 'normal' days will be completely missing. And let's not mention the countless screenshots, duplicates and random downloads that clutter up most photo libraries.

Not another social network

Phojo is not a social network. You do not post photos to impress your friends or fans. In Phojo, your future self is the only audience that matters.

You can choose to make your Phojo public, but this isn't the main focus of Phojo and you are more than welcome to keep your photos private. After all, a public journal is harder to keep honest.

Instagram integration

If you use Instagram, you can configure Phojo to automatically import Instagram photos by using certain hashtags. For example, a photo with the hashtags #phojo #date24Jan would be imported into Phojo and given the date 24 January.

You own your data

We will make it as easy as possible to export your photos and related data. You should never feel locked in with Phojo. If you want to leave, we will be heart broken but we will make it easy.